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Walk the World 4 Endo Projects


Our first Walk The World 4 Endo was a great success. We had hundreds of walkers take part. As a collective, we walked 13, 588km and raised $42, 000 which funded two projects at Deakin University.


  1. To understand the menstrual pain profile of Australian adolescents, including prevalence of pain across three adolescent age groups; prevalence of mood changes prior to menstruation; and impact on school, work, social activities, sports/ exercise due to periods. This analysis will be based on data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC). We are currently analysing the data.

  1. An online survey to understand the financial burden associated with endometriosis, and language barriers faced by people with endometriosis. This online survey will involve a mixed method design, meaning we will capture data through rating scales and open ended responses that give voice to people with endometriosis. We have developed the survey items and currently putting together the ethics application. Plan to launch the survey in August.

Please support further research and join our 2022 walk here