About Us

Endo Help Foundation is a Victorian based organisation with a team of volunteers who are passionate, dedicated, and determined to educate and empower all those with endometriosis, pelvic pain and period pain.


Collaboration and research are central to all that we do at Endo Help Foundation. We worked with the Australian College of Nursing to create a pelvic pain course for nurses. We run a monthly support group for women that have persistent pelvic pain including Endometriosis. We hosted a yellow match in March 2020 raising awareness and education about pelvic pain and Endo both for players and fans. We have an annual walk – Walk the world 4 Endo raising awareness about Endo and pelvic pain.



Gillian Walker

Endo Help Foundation was founded by Gillian Walker in support of her daughter Sheree. Sheree collapsed at home seven days after total hysterectomy and she and her family struggled to find help and medical guidance. The lack of help and support led Gillian to set up Endo Help Foundation.


Kat Stanley

Kat Stanley joined Gillian and her team in 2019. She loved the creativity and energy of being a part of a grass roots organisation changing the pelvic pain space. Kat is now the Director of the foundation. She has an unwavering passion to change the pelvic pain space, and to break the stigma and silence around menstruation, pelvic pain and women’s health.

Kat is joined by a small board all passionate to change the lives of those with endo and women’s health.


Board Member

Simone Grace

Simone Grace joined the board of Endo Help Foundation to be an advocate for people with endometriosis.  Her focus is on fertility, and how endometriosis can affect fertility in a number of ways. 

Simone would like there to be more awareness of fertility at school, and for people to be educated about how freezing eggs at a certain age is a possibility.  She wants women to have more knowledge about their bodies and in particular be aware of the signs of  endometriosis so when they go to see their health practitioner, they can be an advocate for themselves, and get the best possible diagnosis available.


Board Member

Emily Trusler

Emily Trusler joined the Endo Help board in late 2020. An Endometriosis and Adenomyosis sufferer herself, she had witnessed first-hand how access to high quality information, support and empowerment can greatly increase a patients quality of life. She is passionate about empowering women, and all people with Endo to lead rich and fulfilling lives by getting the best out of themselves and their healthcare.

The teamPresenting to Briony Hutton at Parliament House


At Endo Help Foundation we understand the challenges associated with accessing support for those suffering pelvic pain and navigating complex health needs alongside modern life. Our aim is to advocate, educate and empower all people with pelvic pain to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We want to champion people to get the best out of their health and themselves.


We will deliver our vision through the creation and implementation of education programs, instructional health resources and innovative events that support and empower all people with pelvic pain.

We are a dynamic organisation with a strong listening ear. All of our programs and projects will be lead and informed by those with lived experience of pelvic pain. We welcome suggestions, ideas and your stories.