Walk the World 4 Endo is a virtual month-long walk.  You can walk as an individual or as a team.  Grab some friends and encourage each other to get active for the month. 

You decide how often and how much you walk.  Maybe you have a km goal you are aiming for?  Or maybe you experience pain, and just walking a few times a week whilst you share your pain journey is your aim.

The idea is that you walk and fundraise as much and as often as works for you!

We are walking the world to raise money and awareness about #Endo, a debilitating condition affecting #1in9 women making it as common as asthma or diabetes.  Endo is a debilitating painful condition with no cure.  It is estimated to cost the Australian economy $9.4 Billion a year and the individual about $30, 000.  The dollar signs don’t fully explain the ripple effect that constant pelvic pain has on a person’s life. Endo is a condition that affects ALL people, not just those that identify as women. Unfortunately, we only have statistics on women at this point in time. 

As a collective we are aiming to walk the 40, 075 km needed to walk around the world.

We are walking to spread the message that PERIOD PAIN THAT INTERFERES WITH YOUR LIFE ISN’T NORMAL and needs medical attention.

We are also walking for the 800, 000 women and people who have Endo in Australia and have endured an average of 6.4 years in diagnosis delay.

We are walking to say we SEE YOU, and we BELIEVE you.

Please dust off your shoes and join us to raise awareness and much needed money to research this debilitating disease.  The bonus?  Walking is a great form of exercise for those with any kind of chronic pain and is also just really good for your body and mind.

Join us in the walk to change the lives of many.

Once you purchase you will be given a link to set up a Just Giving Page so you can start fundraising.

I acknowledge that Walk the World 4 Endo is a fundraising event and I commit to raising money across the month of October to go towards advocacy, education and research to improve the lives of all those living with Endo.

FREE webinar all about Endo. It’s part of our walk the world 4 Endo.

Watch the recording below

Help us build our Spotify playlist!

What music gets you moving? We’ve created a collaborative playlist on Spotify to help get you in the moving mood. We’d love if you added your own faves to the mix! Simply open the playlist in the app and select “Add Songs”.

Walking tips from Celia Bolton, Director, at Innerstrength Healthcare

Download our fundraising tips guide



The event runs from October 2nd until November 2nd.

To register click the link here or visit our website endohelp.com.au/walktheworld4endo/ 

Registration is now open and will remain open until the event ends.

Once you have clicked the register button, completed your details and paid  you will receive a welcome email outlining details of your registration as well as instructions on how to set up your fundraising page via JustGiving.

Once you have registered for the walk through our website, we will send you an email with a link to set up your JustGiving fundraising page.  Use this link to set up your page for our Endo Help event. 

 If you already have an account with JustGiving you can use that, or alternatively you can set up an account. Once you have created your JustGiving account, search ‘EndoHelp Foundation Limited’ and select our ‘Walk the World 4 Endo’ event.

We would love you to download Strava and connect it so that we can track everyone’s steps.  If you wish to track your progress and count your steps throughout your walk you can download Strava to your mobile device or watch. Your steps can automatically be uploaded to your fundraising page if you connect it to Strava. Alternatively, you can enter your km’s manually.


Yes, you can. By signing up as a team you can boost your own morale throughout the month as well as multiply your impact. To register as a team on your Just Giving page link click the link called ‘create a team.’  Follow instructions to create your team here

All money raised will go towards Endo research conducted at Deakin University.  Deakin will be conducting research into the financial impact Endo has on individuals and the community . Very little research has been done on this and we need more – the research informs politicians – with more research showing just how big a financial impact Endo has we can argue for more funding for treatment and research. How much we raise will determine the scale and scope of the research conducted. We will use the findings to lobby politicians for more funding and research grants.

People can donate through your JustGiving page by pressing the ‘Give Now’ button.


EndoHelp Foundation is dedicated to the health and safety of our walk participants, volunteers and members of the general public, and therefore will by conducting our walk virtually in 2021. In absence of an in-person event, we are holding a virtual launch on October 2nd.  We will also be hosting multiple live social media events throughout the month to support, encourage and engage with walk participants.

Whilst we encourage our participants to be social and engage with the Endo community during our event, we support the Victorian Government COVID-19 advice and encourage all participants to follow the latest guidelines.

Depending on restrictions, some participants may not be able to physically walk with other members of their team.  EndoHelp is committed to the idea of ‘physical distancing’, not ‘social distancing’ and believe that our community can be social through online spaces. We encourage participants to check in with one another virtually during the month.  We are kick starting this on our socials:

#Walktheworld4Endo #EndoWarrror #1in9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EndoHelp01

Instagram: @talkingendo

Event Supporters

On this page we have used statistics that refer to cis women as they have been the participants in most of the research to date on pelvic pain and women’s health.  Endo Help acknowledges that gender-diverse people are underrepresented across all research into women’s health.  Endo Help supports all people who suffer from Endo Help.