Five ways to take control, endometriosis the disease that has no cure

Support For Endo

Tip #1:
Don’t take no for an answer, you know your body more than anyone else. If a doctor tells you nothing is showing up on the ultrasound but you know in your gut something is wrong push for a diagnosis.

Tip #2:
You are not broken, having a disease shared with many women means that you also have a voice and can help others out.

Tip #3:
Period underwear, if you haven’t tried them yet they are amazing. Go completely Zero Waste and couple it with a Diva Cup or something similar.

Tip #4:
Treat your health like you would bad service at a restaurant, keep going higher up till you get the answers you need. If the GP and lab techs don’t know what they are dealing with see a specialist in the field.

Tip #5:
Use Endo as a motivator to improve your overall health. Eat a balanced diet, find ways to exercise and relax that you enjoy.

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