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Nurse Program 

We know that often access to medical care for endometriosis can be challenging, and often there are delays in diagnosis. Women report experiencing problems gaining access to knowledgeable practitioners in the field of endometriosis. One of the objectives of Endo Help is to address this gap in care for endometriosis through the establishment of Endometriosis Care Nurses in the community.  

A similar model of care has been established in Canberra at the Canberra Endometriosis Centre The centre is operated by a Registered Nurse who works within a multidisciplinary team to offer holistic patient-centred care.  Since it opened in 2008 this model has been successful in guiding many women through the treatment and care of their endometriosis.  

We believe that having endometriosis care nurses in the community will provide greater continuity of holistic patient-centred care for people with endometriosis. This will allow for better management of the condition and improved quality of life. We are currently working on a proposal for the Federal Government to receive funding in order to implement this program.

Nurse education 

We believe that Nurses are best placed to assist individuals with endometriosis. We are working with a number of providers to develop training programs for nurses who wish to upskill in this area. Our hope is by improving training for nurses we can help to minimise the delay in diagnosis and improve management of the condition.  

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