Endo Warrior Necklace

We are delighted to release our Endo Warrior necklace – designed by Endo Warriors for Endo Warriors. We wanted to create something special for you to wear every day. We hope it becomes a symbol of unity for our community and a conversation starter for those who surround us. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Sterling Silver
Pendant: diameter 20mm
Chain: 50cm

Retail value – $150  Cost us to create $50

You pay what you can – everything over $50 will be donated directly to Endo Help Foundation to continue education and awareness for all Endo Warriors!  Every purchase $100 and over gets free shipping.

Please note: delivery times are to be confirmed due to Covid supply issues.

Minimum price: $50.00



Our Creative Journey

We wanted our Endo community to have something strong and beautiful, just like them. We set out to create a piece of jewellery to match the spirit of the Endo Warrior! Dealing with Endometriosis has taught us that we have to be mindful about the products that we use and interact with, so we made sure our jewellery would be of highest quality, without breaking the budget.  We are really aware and have lived the experience of money being really tight so have tried to make this as affordable as possible without compromising on quality.

We took inspiration from Kintsugi – a Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold. Built on the idea of embracing imperfections and creating something stronger and more beautiful in the process. We took this practice and paired it with the phoenix feather, a symbol of re-birth and hope. Together, it shows the strength and grace of the Endo Warriors we know and love, rising from the ashes again and again.  Repairing our cracks with gold and shining more brightly because of it.

The result is a beautiful necklace we are very proud of. We hope you love it!

Additional information

You pay what you can

$60, $100, $120, $150